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hours overnight. and they are hoping shoppers still have money left over today after black friday. good morning. i'm terry mcsweeney. let's start with a quick first look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. nice and clear out there. temperatures are really quite a frank this morning from the upper 30s by the delta to the lower 50s around the bay. and we are talking almost 15 degrees. so if you are closer to the water downtown, not bad, in the 50s. but take a look at these cool numbers out by the delta. north bay valleys, no fog right now but we to could get patchy ground fog in the next couple hours. 47 mountain view and san jose. our sunny and mild weather tense today, although we are look at a cooler day tomorrow. enjoy it. cove got a couple storms lined up for your forecast into next week. i'll have that for you a little
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later. terry. >> thank you, lisa. >> one day after black friday, here's small business saturday. one of the places that's happening today is on berkeley. good morning. >> what a beautiful scene it is behind us on fourth street. this is one of many neighbors where mom and pop shops hope that customers will come, spend their money fulfill their holiday wish list while going with neighbors and putting money right back into their own community. and it's happening all over the bay area. we actually have video from albany, where stores are promoting the fact that they are local. it's the hook shop owners hope will bring in customers bring in customers even though they can't offer the deep discounts that are all over during this black friday weekend. one shopper said it's the commitment to the community that counts. they support our schools by offering discounts and helping
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with auctions and all kinds of other community events that happen in our town. so we are giving back to them. >> this is the third year for small business saturday. a survey shows 67% of those familiar with the initiative are planning to participate. get this, last year an estimated 103 million americans supported this day and put their money right back on main street. reporting live in berkeley, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. a man who got stuck seven foot down a storm drain was rescued. the fire units were finally able to free. 27-year-old man from the storm drain. it appeared shortly after midnight. someone heard his cries for help about 9:00. he was in there a good three hours at least. he suffered only minor abrasions from his shoulder from being wedged inside the core gated metal pipe. investigators investigating how
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he came to be stuck inside the pipe in the first place. we are learning more about a deadly crashed that killed two people in palo alto yesterday. the family was heading home after early morning black friday shopping. we have the latest. >> they wanted to go shopping for black friday. >> bob is a friend of the family who was in this horrific extent early friday morning. he said a father, mother and four daughters were all coming back from a shopping trip in gilroy. he said the gold lexus suv they were in rear ended a chp patrol car that pulled over to help another vehicle. the s.u.v. flipped over, scattering gifts all over the roadway. >> while the s.u.v. was overturning, two parties were ejected out of the vehicle. one of the parties succumbed to the injuries at the scene. one of the daughters, a 24-year-old, died at the seen. an uncle told abc7 she'd been
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shopping it for her wed income india next month. another daughter also died. >> because they want to go to india to mary, the first one. >> and she passed a way? >> she passed away and the second one passed away. >> it was shocking. >> four of the family members in the s.u.v. were wearing seatbelts at the time according to chp. the two daughters who died were not. sky 7hd was over the traffic jam on the she way. traffic was snarled for about six hours while investigators investigated the crash. a seven minute trip to work took this man about 40 minutes. >> getting to my location where i do business, traffic was a nightmare. >> the family is living a nightmare. the mother is at stanford medical center in serious condition. the father and two other daughters are at valley medical center in san jose and we don't know what their condition is at
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this point. the chp officer was not seriously injured and the accident is under investigation. abc67 news. this morning a family in the south bay will burrly there'll youngest son, rory park peti ford became the 42nd homicide. the 22 we're old was killed eight days ago after being shot outside a 711 during an attempted carjacking. services will be held this morning. signs of the christmas holiday season are popping up around the bay area. several tree lighting ceremonies held yesterday and many places business open for holidays will also light up sales. we have the details from san jose. >> three, two, one! >> with the flip of a switch the holidays began in san jose. a long-standing tradition of christmas in the park.
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>> beautiful. it's great. we are coming out here, bringing any grand daughter and having a nice time. it's wonderful today. >> it's complete with an ice skating rink comes just in time for san jose. across town the nhl lockout means no ice, no hockey at the shark tank. >> the hockey strike, the downtown needs to be able to bring people in. >> the city councilman said the loss of hockey fans has hurt local bars and trounce big time. >> you don't know what you have until you have don't have it. that's what's happening. >> he misses all those hungry shark fans and hopes this festival will be a gift. >> without this it will be a really sad holiday. >> having been a long time san jose sharks fans since i was a kid. >> he helped open the brew pub weeks after the holidays agains.
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crist believes it is an amazing opportunity. >> families can enjoy opportunities to go and hopefully it will help the economy downtown. >> on friday we learned natural cancelled all hockey games through mid-december. many are optimistic the sharks will take to the ice before the end of the year. in san jose, colonel bernard. >> y7 news. >> 25,000 people, twice as many as last year, crowded into san francisco's union square for last night's annual tree lighting ceremony. three, two, one! it was the 23rd straight year for the macy's sponsored tree lighting. 33,000 lights. 1100 ornaments cover that 83-foot tree. california's great america in santa clara the second annual global winner wonderland is
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underway. lights, lanterns and lasers highlight the display. they also have face painters, jugglers, fire dancers and fire eaters. coming up, why they are planning to resume the remains of yasser arafat in a few days. and larry hagman who played on "dallas" has died.
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>> veteran actor and '80s icon larry hagman has died. he's best known as the oilman on "dallas." he appeared from 1978 to 1991. earlier this year he revived his jr role in a reboot of the role on cable. costars patrick duffy was at his
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bedside when he died. he was 81 years old. yasser arafat will be exumed tuesday. experts will conduct an independent review investigate will he was poisoned. also this morning there is outrage in pakistan after a roadside bomb shattered a religious holiday killing at least seven people, including three children. the blast injured 30 people who were attending a procession in northwest pakistan. pakistan has suspended mobile phone service for two days to suspend such bombings since cell phones are often used as detonators. >> an explosion that rocked springfield, massachusetts last night was caught on camera. the blast leveled a bar and twelve building nearby.
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it was fueled by a gas leak. no one died but 18 people suffered nonlife-threatening injuries and half of them were firefighters. new of this morning, the low water levels on the mississippi will level are about to get lower. the river is restaurant is going to get lower as a result of a drought. it could bring barge traffic on the mississippi to a halt within week. it's between st. louis and illinois. barges carry 20% of the nation's coal and 60% of u.s. grain exports. in the midwest they are talking about a drought, something that's going to be not done away with but dealt with in about four days from now when we get more rain. >> that's correct. san jose 161% of normal and we could use more seasonal weather. unseasonably warm today. with a clear start it's chilly. no fog to speak of yet ask we
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are looking upper 30s north bay. here's emeryville, 60 degrees. talking 70s today. not much of a change but it's coming. i'll have the forecast. >> and next, saint mary's starts for
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>> welcome back. there are nice, warming temperatures on the way. temperatures into the 60s. a few moments ago lisa argen said 60s. can you imagine being back east in the bitter cold and looking at the highs out here today? ooh! a good feeling. more from lisa in a little bit. if you are looking to lend a hand this holiday. we invite you to be part of share your holiday food drive on december 12th. we will take your donations to the local food banks. for the location nearest you go to our website. an annual bay area toy program is gearing up for
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christmas. barrels were donated are appearing in businesses all over the place. this is off union square. the barrels are for the san francisco firefighter's toy program. they need toys and donations to make sure no child is without a toy this christmas. it's one of many toy collections going on not bay area. there are toys for tots, as well as many others. go to the website where we have a list of places accepting toys. just click on see it on tv. lisa argen is here now. did you go crazy on black friday or is that a thing of -- are you into that? >> no, i didn't go crazy. did you? >> no. i worked. >> yeah. well, good. >> yeah. what's good for me? keep me out of trouble. >> i think so. >> thank you. >> good morning. we are look agent another beautiful day. if you don't want to shop or that's not on your agenda, it's going to be a nice day out there. enjoy the weather. the view from mount tam. look at san francisco let up at night here.
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official sun advise at 7:00, setting at 4:51. 9:52 of date. not only the clear skies, it is school. a little fog forming from novato to santa rosa w the ground fog we will look for reduced visibility. lots of fog out toward the san joaquin valley. closer to home. not too bad but it will increase in the next couple hours. in the delta expect more in the way of low clouds and fog. keep that in mind. and that strong inversion this time of year. temperature dewpoint very close. in santa rosa it's 39 this morning. look at the difference in san francisco. wow! it feels pretty good out there at 53 but very cool out through the valleys. napa 45. 42 livermore and 48 antioch. good morning san jose, 47 for you. though you feel the chill this some spots this morning, it is certainly milder out there in the north day. san rafael 5 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time and even
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into the valleys of livermore, a degree warmer but cooler for concord. overall today with a lot of sunshine. temperatures will be above the average today. gradual cooling getting underway tomorrow with some fog headed our way and then we are looking at this ridge really just breaking down by late tuesday. and by wednesday rain and wind. a couple of systems stacking up. they are warm systems. subtropical moisture headed our way by midweek. that looks again-like herelle vision snow. radar satellite right now shows double barrel high pressure. a strong ridge of high pressure centered to the east of us and that's allowing for the storm track to be well to the north keeping the systems away for the next several days. there is a weak upper level low that will visit us later on today. that will bring the change tomorrow. fast forwarding to tuesday night, look at the rain. not only is the rain going to be an issue on tuesday but i think
5:21 am
by wednesday morning some very strong winds. you can see the isobars here getting closer together. that means some very windy conditions right through wednesday. by wednesday night the system is out of here. a little bit of a break. then we are looking at a couple systems headed our way from the north on thursday and into friday and the weekend. right now temperatures will warm after that fog into the upper 60s to 70s. a warm day in southern california with 72 in oakland today. look for 71 in san jose. you have the turkey truck today along the coast. upper 60s there. 73 santa cruz. here's the look ahead. cooler tomorrow and monday and then here come the clouds on tuesday. rain should hold off until wednesday. look at the next several days after that. we will look for that beneficial rain. hopefully the snow level is not too high. they are looking high right any. >> i have the feeling the folks in balinas know how to do a
5:22 am
turkey trot that. should be good. thanks a lot. in sports. with a win the cardinals could clinch a pac-12 north edition. nine while jim harbaugh's choice of quarterback tomorrow in new orleans is? a mystery. here is collin resch with the details in sports. >> good morning. first question at friday's press conference for jim harbaugh, who will start as quarterback sunday. harbaugh's answer we feel there's no competitive advantage for us to release that information for our organization or for our team. the problem is safety donte' whitner let the cat out of the bag. colin kaepernick will be the starter. going them are on the practice field friday. the answer seems obvious, niners play the saint tomorrow yet smith many been cleared to play. harbaugh said sticks and stones will bake my bones but names will never hurt me. >> it's not something that's an
5:23 am
advantage for us to talk about. you may have your opinions on it. õs unorthodox. you know, sobeit. you can call me names if you want or make sport of me, but that's the way we are going to go about it. >> if we call him anything we will call him indecisive. nothing indecisive about the warriors play of late. winners of four out of five but placing a denver team that ripped their heart out two weeks ago at area cal. david lee driving. and mcgee blocking. corey brewer the other way. no. andre iguodala tries the flush. no. faried right behind. denver up 6. klay thompson all of his 16 points in the first half. the three, warriors up three at the break. second half a different story. nuggets piling it on andre
5:24 am
iguodala. the set shot 3. a game high 29. that capped a 15-0 run. mcgee, the guy is at all. he can dunk big. steph cur, a nonfar tore? foul trouble midwest of the game. the warriors are in minute tonight. >> the directv classic in anaheim. directional and the tigers upset xavier in the opening opener. taking it to the gales as well. the driving, scoring, 2 of 18. 27-16 gaels. tigers too much. they shoot 53% from the field, 11% on free throws. and gales first loss of the year 76-56. stanford winners over northern iowa in a tournament in the bahamas yesterday. the formula is simple. beat ucla later today at the rose bowl and they are pac-12
5:25 am
north champs. cardinals coming off a huge win. they synched the south a week ago saturday. should stanford beat ucla to win the north, the two teams again will play again in the championship game on friday. >> this is one week of friday and one game. >> i'm counting on our team's maturity. and all year long we've talked about last week's game didn't help this week's game. >> we finished the game on a high and now we come back next week and start from ground zero. >> stan forward and ucla, a 3:30 check off at the rose bowl. complete highlights and postgame reaction in "after the game" at 8:30. with a look at morning sports. i'm collin resch. have great day, everyone. coming up, a unique plan in the north bay to lure police officers from other agencies. and the best way to keep package thieves at bay during this busy
5:26 am
delivery season. and moving out after being ordered out. residents of a peninsula marina are not giving up
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5:29 am
can protect your belongings. nick smith reports from the piedmont police station with the latest on the holiday crime trend. [door nooking] >> ups will ship packages and fedex will ship to homes across the country. par hali because customers are doing more of their shopping online. >> i was not waiting for my package. but i appreciate ups ringing the doorbell because when they do, i come right away. but not everyone can be home with their packages are due to arrive and thieves know it. take a look at this. fremont police are still working to identify a woman bo stole a package from to this home in the middle of the day. homeowner wasn't there at the time but was able to capture the entire incident on his home surveillance system. this is how it went down. when you feel ps delivered the package, an alert was sent to
5:30 am
his smartphone. moments later there was a second alert. >> showed him coming up on the porch and taking the package. >> she had made off with groceries collected a as holiday food donation. it's a crime on the rise. >> it's not unusual for it to happen up here and the surrounding areas. >> the sergeant said the thieves operate quickly, following delivery trucks and make their move as soon as the driver clears the area. somebody will drive by and run up on the porch, grab them and jump back in the vehicle and take off. >> most thieves are look for electronics and high end gifts. ups offers these tips to prevent you from becoming a victim. choose an alternate delivery location, and for three dollars you can sign up for a signature required service. >> great idea. so now i have to be on top of my package delivery. >> i have an update for the video that i showed you earlier in the piece. i spoke with the police and they
5:31 am
told me because the video was played on abc7 news and social media, they are currently working actively. in piedmont, nick smith, abc7 news. this weekend small businesses or hoping shoppers will skip the kay -- kay skip the big box shows and stop local. they hope it will bring in customers, even though they can offer deep discounts. this is the third year for small business saturday. the survey shows 67% of those familiar with the initiative are planning to participate. abc7 news reporter has more coming up in 30 minutes from now. with the next big shopping day, sooner monday a few days away, shipping companies are getting ready for the busy season. fedex predicts this year will be the busiest in company history and the busiest day will be monday, december 10th.
5:32 am
fedex expects to deliver more than 19 million packages on that day alone. that's 10% more than last career and double the volume it handles on an average day. new this morning the antioch city council is about to consider beefing up the pension plan for police officers to entice officers to transfer from other agencies. our media partner contra costa times reports the council will for on tuesday offering a retirement formula of 3% at age 50. what does that mean? that allows public safety officers to retire at age 50 at 3% of their final year of pay, multiplied by years of service. right now the formula is 3% 55. the california patrol is looking for new recruits. they have their next recruiting class in january. becoming an officer is not easy. screening process takes up to 18 months and weeds out about 897% of plants.
5:33 am
they must be u.s. citizens between 20 and 35 years of age, must be a high school graduate and no felony convictions. applicants must also pass physical and psychological evaluations. some people who live in a small private marina in redwood city are moving out while others staying behind are fighting plans to convert the property in a luxury condominium complex. it's called pietrus's harbor located off 101 not far from ripple avenue. we have the story. >> betty and her husband were leaving pietrus's harbor with all their belongings. this after living here aboard their boat for 12 years. >> it was wonderful. we enjoyed t we had a little community. >> most of the people living on boats in the small, charming marina have left. here are the empty berths. only 36 of some 88 tenants who lived on boats in august are here. they were all be given eviction notices that they would have to move by mid-january.
5:34 am
pietrus's widow, paula, wants to sell the property to a developer who is planning to build a 411 huff unit apartment and condo complex. the family attorney, ted, said all the leases since 2002 were month to month, noting that it was for sale. he said this was pietrus's ultimate vision for the harbor he built more than five decades ago. >> it will bring $2.4 million of property tax into the city. 1 million of which will go to the schools. it will create 2,000 jobs in our community building this project out. >> but a tenant's group is fighting the development. this couple has lived aboard their 42-foot cruiser 20 years. they don't any where they are going. >> i'm on a fixed income. i can't afford to put a down payment down someplace. >> he has no hard feelings against the lead. she helped him when he had cancer and told him not to worry about the berth rental when he was sick. >> she used to bring they food
5:35 am
and we were friends. >> he said the fight is with the developers who are leasing the outer harbor. that public is open to the public and anyone want rent there. the new project will limit the berth to only residents of the new complex. >> when the state gave the lease it said only for so long as it is used as a harbor and marina. it's really not there is. >> they filed an appeal with the redwood city council. the appeal will be heard on january 28th. by then it may be too late for the tenants because they have been told to move out by january 15th, two weeks before the hearing. vic lee, abc7 news. coming up, spawning a rebirth of the salmon population. the record number of fish returning to california's rivers and streams. a life look from our sutro cam look out at a chilly bay area. the east bay out there. and lisa argen truly the woman
5:36 am
with something for everyone. we have the chilly mornings, the warm day and rain on the way.
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[ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin just unroll it, fill, top, bake, and present. that must have taken you forever!
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it was really tough. [ female announcer ] pillsbury pie crust. let the making begin >> this is abc7 news. welcome back, everybody. it's 5:38. we are looking at a live picture from the roof cam above our abc7 studios down here obviously near the embarcadero. look tech bay bridge n san francisco lisa is telling me 53 degrees, which is not all that bad. if you like it real chilly, santa rosa has a 39 for you. if you like it warm, stay wherever you are. it's going to be in the 60s and an occasional 70 today on this last week of november. great forecast coming up from lisa in a moment. in sonoma county.
5:39 am
salmon are returning to local rivers and streams in record numbers. as wane friedman learned, one of the best places to watch them is a whinery. did you guys like this? >> here they come for the wine. the vineyards know all too well they stay for the fish. there are big ones in dry creek which runs through the property. >> yeah, right in there. one is just hovering there getting ready to lay their eggs. a chinook just back from the sea and this year they are returning in record numbers. >> in excess of 6300 fish in the last decade. >> counted that many. >> yes. >> the water agency has spent considerable time and money to restore the salmon runs. they know the number because they have video and have counted the fish moving upstream. agency has focused mostly on cohoe and steal head but seeing the numbers bodes well.
5:40 am
>> just an indicator how good conditions. >> unless you know exactly what you are look for they are difficult to see but once you spot one take a camera on the end of a stick, put it in the water, and you will see it. this fish, they say, is days away from laying eggs on the sandy bottom and continuing the life seek he will. >> i was senior riced now big it was and that it wasn't silver. it's pretty amazing actually. >> it is one experience that you can enjoy salmon as a meal. in the dry creek valley they are ordering the pinot and watching. abc7 news. just wanted to mention don't take just any camera and put it on a stick and put it in the water. you have to have one that can handle it, and most can't. check on that before you go dipping your camera. what's going on weather-wise? it's going to be spring before the day is over. it's going to feel like it. >> temperatures in the 70 #* 70s
5:41 am
in many locations around the day. we are talking about numbers holding on throughout much. the early part of next week. we will see some changes though. right now you are looking at san francisco lit up from vollmer peak with numbers in the low 50s, upper 30s from the delta. we will pin point those numbers for you and tell you when the rain returns. that's just in a few. also ahead, on your side's michael finney tests those apps that claim to be able to track your mart phone. and a bay area man becomes an artist thanks to the
5:42 am
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>> 5:44 on saturday morning. is? a beautiful shot from the tom of mount tam. up at the top of mount tam, somewhere in the mid-40s. a bit chilly up there. a gorgeous shot of the city.
5:44 am
it's just spectacular. and crystal clear as you see as we move on down to the roof cam. you can see -- you've got the flags moving, the wind blowing a little bit out of the north. no big deal. that's not the weather we are going to be talking about today. we are going to be talking about the sun and the warmth. and i mean it is going to peel very good around here today. if you like the 60s and the 70s. if you are out shopping and as youing your smartphone, be warned. police say thieves are ready to snatch phones right out of your hand. they recommend installing a app that can track your phone if it is stolen b does the app really work? 7 on your side's michael finney tried to find out. police say a tracking app is your best chance of getting your phone back from a thief. but how likely are are you to find the guy who ran off with it? we tried one out for ourselves. >> you are walking with your i-phone, texting on a bus. plugged into your earbuds.
5:45 am
you are also risking theft. >> what we see most of our robberies that are occurring in the city involve some sort of the smartphone. >> there were more than 1,000 phone robberies in san francisco from january to august alone. it happened to this man on a mourn any train. >> he reached down and grabbed the phone and he just took off like he was a world-class track star. >> the best thing again is to have those openly indications that allow to you track your device. >> police recommend an app like this one, find my i-phone. can it really fanned your phone? we tested it out. two abc7 interns took off with our i-phone. en intern's lisa's job is to find it. she logs on to find my i-phone. it identifies a device and the green dot in points the location, seam in. there's the i-phone on the corner of davis and jackson streets. lisa drives to the spot and uses another i-phone to track down
5:46 am
our thief. >> they are at the edge of the park. >> the map shows the phone inside the green area. >> it's right there. >> lisa heads for the park, but our thieves aren't there. >> so if we are here. >> maybe she's reading the map wrong? she gets help from a friend. >> they are on that side, right? >> yeah. >> so -- >> this is jackson. >> okay. >> now she thinks she's got them cornered. >> they should be right on this edge over here. >> lisa goes to the other end of the park. however, our thieves are not there either. >> they should be on davis and jackson, which is exactly where we are. and i was thinking they would be stand being right there but i don't see them. >> now she hits the button that makes the alarm go off from the stolen phone. however, she didn't hear any alarm. finally we get a little hint. the thieves are inside a coffee shop. now she's getting warm. she hits the alarm button again
5:47 am
and this time it is heard. >> hello, look at that! it's ringing! >> she finds our phone inside the coffee roaster, though it required a little cheating. lisa said it's still a worthwhile app, just realize the locator isn't all that precise. >> so i was just running around like a crazy person inside the park looking for them. and they were watching me across the street from a coffee shop. >> "find my i-phone" is a free app already on your phone though you do need to activate it. android, blackberry and microsoft have tracking apps to. police say they have helped locate thieves and they help you wipe data off your phone from a remote location so your identity won'ting stillen along with your phone. i'm mike finish, 7 on your side. >> lisa is here with a spectacular forecast. >> if you like it sunny and mild, temperatures will be well above normal.
5:48 am
plenty of 700 he is out there. we look back at the city where numbers are comfortable pretty close to the water. we have some fog developing with visibility being reduced from novato to santa rosa and also by the delta. you know the fog tonight will come in from the ocean. the marine influence taking over for the latter part of your weekend. this morning we are looking at more of the tuly fog sneak in from the east. live live doppler hd. we are look at subtle changes ahead today. in fact the temperatures are going to be a little cooler in some spots, but overall still above normal. 44 santa rosa. good morning with redwood city at 44. 39 for santa rosa. 49 by the delta. notice the low 40s for livermore and concord. so here's a look at our forecast then. sunny and mild today with gradual cooling.
5:49 am
you feel it more tomorrow. definitely into monday but still we see the sunny conditions. the clouds will thicken on tuesday. the rain begins would be win on wednesday and it lacks like right on through next weekend as we begin december on the saturday? i think saturday is december 1st. here's a look at high pressure that continues to push that storm track to the north. and that's where the rain stays for the next several days. so we aren't looking at any additional snow in the sierra nevada and once we do see that it looks like a sub drop fetch. right now the jet stream well to the north with the upper level high beginning to weaken. here is how it will play out. tuesday night the rain is off the coast but look how close the ice -- isobar. the rain and win can come our way on wednesday. here it is at 9:00 in the morning on wednesday. and the snow begins to develop later on, a higher elevation
5:50 am
snow. a break wednesday night into thursday and here's the next system with more rain right on into the weekend. so a feeling a little bit more like the season in the next couple of days. but if you like this kind of weather, we've got it for you today with the low 70s in oakland today. 70 palo alto. 68 half moon bay and in the north bay how about 73 for friends in cloverdale. mid-70s toward watsonville and morgan hill. 79 holsters. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. cooler today with fog and we will hold it there on monday. look for thickening clouds tuesday. rain should hold off until wednesday but wet windy on wednesday with showers on thursday and another system for next weekend. so we always kind of get this dry spell and then it's over. >> you know, hollister with 79, we could be touching the 80s. >> certainly down around monterey. >> you consider this great shopping weather? >> i suppose. >> you are not a big shopper,
5:51 am
i'm thinking. >> not really. >> it's not your sport? >> rather be outside. >> there you go, lisa. thanks. a san francisco artist whose contrary was launched thanks to the dot-com bust on the brink of stardom. you can see his work next month at a special exhibit in miami but we can see his paintings right now at a popular san francisco gallery and club. here's don sanchez. >> the images are startling, complex. artist john's work is challenging. his creativity dynamic. >> i become so focused i can paint 18 hours in a row and not stop to eat or drink. he's showing his newest pieces at the art salon when that is almost 20 years old. it's a perfect fit for someone who was in advertising at the dot-com days but found his passion in painting. >> every time i thought i would have to get back to work i sold another piece and here i am six years later. >> this is about a resurrection with metal images overlaid on
5:52 am
paint. one of a series about u.s. history and icons. this is the statue of liberty. >> every other day i began to repaint over it because the mood kept thanking. over a period of five years i probably did 200 versions of this piece all on top of each other. >> a half-inch of paint. it lost focus so he attack it with paint thinner and a pressure washer. >> as much of the country changes, the foundation of the country remains the same. >> and seascapes and landscapes created in linear fashion. >> it looks digital but done by hand requires a great deal of technique and focus. now he will show in miami next month. it's the biggest art show in the world. >> more people will see my work in a short amount of time, four or five days, than probably have ever seen it in my life. >> it could lead to a one-man show in new york and then he could be on the verge of something big. >> i just want to be able to
5:53 am
keep doing it and keep challenging myself. >> his exhibition is up through january. in san francisco, don sanchez, abc7 news. >> coming up next, a major makeover. some disney characters getting a new look. is that a good thing? how long is it going to last? [ snoring ]
5:54 am
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night's $41 million megamillions drawing. nobody got them all. nobody picked all six so tuesday night's jackpot estimated at $49 million. folks, fur dying for a much bigger jackpot, the power ball, which is now sold in california, it's $325 million. so if you want to take a drive and take a chance at $325 million, there you have it. but $49 million is on the line tuesday night and that wouldn't be bad. size does apparently matter when it comes to dogs and language skills a new study suggests dogs use size as reference for words. size rather than shapes. researchers believe a dog is more likely to associate two different things with the same word if they are the same size like a dog might associate a cup and a ball if they are about the same size. shape does not make a difference.
5:57 am
but children recognize the shape of things such as a cup no matter what the size. big cup, small cups, kids get it, dogs don't. the study may help researchers better understand why humans are so unique when it comes to learning language. get this. some disney icons are getting a new look. mini mouse is getting a makeover. she glamming up for the holidays at barney's in new york. we saw her on the runway and she's not alone. other characters including mickey, goofy and even snow white got in on the makeover. i think a lot of people would say i like the whole thing behind snow white where she doesn't need a makeover. don't worry about it, folks, it's all just temporary. disney is the parent company of abc news. don't worry, they will go back to the way they were. and as crews worked late into the night to free a man stuck in a drainpipe.
5:58 am
and a tragic accident. two people killed while heading home from early
5:59 am

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